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PUREVO puts the power back into your hands - literally. Get control back on the way you clean, whilst caring for the planet.


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PUREVO is the Official UK & Ireland Partner of the Evie Blue Brand


Save Money, Save the Planet

Who said cleaning had to cost the earth? PUREVO makes it possible to clean, disinfect and enjoy a safer, healthier environment


Official UK Partner of Evie Blue

Evie Blue, the international #1 portion controlled cleaning product manufacturer, has made it their sole mission to reduce plastic waste in the cleaning industry.

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Changing The Way We Clean

PUREVO is working with our partner Evie Blue to reduce the harmful impact that our current cleaning industry has on the environment. Our cleaners are non-toxic and reduce plastic usage.

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What are single use plastics?

We take you through one of the biggest challenges that we face today, single-use plastics, those plastics which are used only once before they are thrown away or recycled.