COVID-19 Cleaning Advice

COVID-19 group immunity

In these difficult times where the COVID-19 virus is deeply embedded in our daily lives, it is very important that we keep our immediate living and working environment hygienic & clean.

Internationally governments have taken an approach to control the spread of the virus in a controlled manner and to create group immunity or go for a full lock down. This means that the period in which the risk of contamination can last longer for you and everyone in your immediate environment, and so to adjust our living environment accordingly.

We would like to provide you with additional information about how to best use Evie Blue products. Questions such as: how can we clean contaminated surfaces optimally and which product can I use for this, are asked to us daily. Below our answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How long can the new coronavirus survive outside the body?

A virus always needs a human or animal to "stay alive" and share. Outside the body, the virus can only survive for a short time. How long that is exactly is still unknown. This can vary from a few hours to a few days. This depends on, for example, the type of surface, the temperature and the humidity. A surface that may be contaminated can be cleaned with a good detergent. Also for prevention it is wise to clean and keep contact surfaces regularly.

Hygienic cleaning, with which product?

If you use Evie Blue, then preferably use the Sanitizer Hygienic cleaner. This is a very powerful cleaner and also has a good disinfecting effect. The Sanitizer is a product based on, among other things, Soda (this ingredient has very good cleaning and hygienic properties) and is supplemented with an active oxygen element which gives the product an extra hygienic boost. The Sanitizer Hygienic cleaner can be dissolved in ordinary (tap) water and after mixing creates a transparent liquid with a very pleasant mint scent. To optimally use the Sanitizer Hygienic cleaner, we recommend using it for a maximum of 48 hours after mixing. The active oxygen element gradually decreases after 48 hours and in these times of hygienic optimization it is important to use a good and optimal quality product.

Which Surfaces?

The Sanitizer Hygienic cleaner can be used on many surfaces without any problems. Due to the friendly and transparent composition of the product, the Sanitizer Hygienic cleaner can be used on the following surfaces:

  • All water resistant surfaces (floors, walls and ceilings)
  • Mattresses and pillows (lightly mist textile surfaces)
  • Door fittings and banisters (high contact points)
  • All sanitary surfaces (faucets, toilet seat and flushing buttons etc ..)
  • Electrical appliances: hair dryer, remote controls, laptop, telephone, PC and mouse, coffee    maker, etc. (always de-energize the equipment before cleaning)
  • Plastic, PVC and plastic surfaces
  • Elevator controls, lockers, and reception desks
  • Tables and other furniture (waterproof surfaces)
  • All kitchen surfaces and kitchen tools
  • Means of transport (pump trucks, product carts etc…)
  • Car interior: Steering wheel and other interior.

How to use?

Spray the Sanitizer Hygienic cleaner on the surface and let it soak for at least 2 minutes (without drying) and wipe it with a paper or microfibre cloth. (watch out for cross-contamination and always use new paper or use the microfibre cloth only for this application and replace it regularly)

You can use the Sanitizer Hygienic cleaner before, during or after cleaning.

If you expect a chance of contamination of the surface to be cleaned, use the Sanitizer Hygienic cleaner to clean the surfaces hygienically before you start cleaning. Use the Sanitizer Hygienic cleaner in combination with all daily cleaners from Evie Blue such as the sanitary cleaner, floor cleaner, interior cleaner, kitchen cleaner and the carpet cleaner. Do not combine with ready-made liquid products from other manufacturers and brands.

After cleaning the surfaces, the Sanitizer Hygienic cleaner can be used for sanitizing at the cleaning frequency at any time and at its own discretion.

Should I use or add alcohol to Evie Blue products?

Evie Blue products do not contain alcohol. In times of increasing scarcity in the availability of alcohol and other disinfectants, it is good to know that the Sanitizer Hygienic Cleaner actively contains oxygen and therefore also has an excellent hygienic effect in addition to a cleaning function! Despite the increased demand, we expect to be able to continue to supply the Sanitizer Hygienic Cleaner sustainably.

To protect yourself, wash your hands regularly with soap and water, in accordance with national advice. Then dry your hands with paper or a warm air dryer and do not use a regular towel in a group. Note that spraying alcohol or Evie Blue all over your body will not kill viruses that are already in your body. Spraying such substances on your body can cause irritation to the skin or mucous membranes (eyes, mouth). Keep in mind that using this type of agents is good for disinfecting surfaces, but they should always be used under the prescribed recommendations.

Side effect Sanitizer Hygienic cleaner?

The Sanitizer Hygienic cleaner has no dangerous side effects on humans when used.

However, with frequent use without gloves, it can result in somewhat drier and possibly irritated skin and / or eyes. Because the Sanitizer Hygienic cleaner has no direct harmful effects on humans, the use of this hygienic cleaner on all surfaces is therefore safe.

More questions!!

If you have any more questions about Evie Blue's products and their application during these difficult times, we will be happy to answer them. We can be reached at number: +31 (0) 180859727 or by mail at

We hope you and your loved ones stay healthy in this upcoming period.

Team PPG Cleaning

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