Everyone Must Take Responsibility

When putting our weekly recycling out last night and looking down the street at all the full bins it reminded me how fundamental the changes we need to make a difference are. Whilst everyone looks in the news at what, if any differences the corporate world are starting to make - what are you as the individual doing at home?

Are you recycling more? Are you making choices to use and consume less plastic? The problems we have caused are everyones responsibility, and to make a real change everyone must take on said responsibility and not only recycle more, but use less plastic in their day to day lives.

I read this really interesting article on the Guardian website, which really started to drive the issue home for me. Have you ever thought at the end of one single day just how much plastic you have consumed in just that single 24 hours? Plastic food packaging, drinks bottles, coffee cups and straws - does it all go in recycling? I very much doubt it, and this is the problem - with circa 7bn people on this planet all contributing to waste we really have an uphill battle on our hands.

So in short I keep learning and realising more, with Evie Blue® by PPG products I can make a business/corporate contribution through working with businesses to make a difference and reduce plastics in the cleaning industry. However the problem is closer to home in every household............what are you going to do to change and use less plastic?



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  • A great read and a stark reminder that we must all take action now before it’s too late!

    Elizabeth on

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