Our Partnership with PPG

PPG, the international #1 portion controlled cleaning product manufacturer has made it their sole mission to reduce plastic waste in the cleaning industry. Plastic production for the cleaning market is at a breaking point, with external pressures from consumers wanting more environmentally conscious products to reduce their plastic and environmental footprint there needs to be a new solution.

To start moving in the right direction most cleaning product manufacturers are producing new higher concentrated products to use less plastics but this is still not the answer to the problems in our environment we are creating. Higher concentrates mean more aggressive and dangerous chemicals in smaller packaging, there is no change away from plastics, simply using less.

This is where the PPG solution is innovative and unique. Evie Blue® powdered cleaning formulation's that can be shipped in small recyclable or compostable packaging anywhere in the world and then simply dropped into an existing plastic bottle and water added on site. There is little to no recycling required with the PPG product range as the packaging is compostable and the bottle used for application can simply be re-filled, the ultimate solution for users that want to change their environ- mental fingerprint.

PPG is now leading the cleaning market into a brighter future. The PPG Evie Blue® cleaning range provides any product required for the hospitality and leisure sector, and anything required to clean can be formulated in PPG’s own laboratory. Also teaming up with key OEM cleaning product suppliers is key to the product’s success and to truly change our environment for the better. Working with market leaders in their own specific segments to change the way we look at cleaning products and reduce our environmental impact.

Over the next 5 years there will be increasing pressure to change the way we use plastics. They are harmful to our oceans and general environment and simply trying to recycle them all is unsustainable. Purevo believes a new approach must be taken where we think of ways to not only reduce the plastics we use in the first place but also to make them re-usable for many applications.

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