Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Not only do we lead the way in reducing single use plastics in the cleaning market, the supply chain of PPG cleaning products is also colossally more efficient that traditional bulk liquids.

How do you set about changing such an established habit that many of us adopt when cleaning? We believe the answer is Evie Blue® powered cleaning products from PPG. So commonly, we reach for a plastic bottle, full of liquid, use it, then discard it, then buy another. This inexplicably wasteful habit is costing our planet its life. Despite efforts to recycle, facts show that we pollute our oceans and contaminate our lands at a rate which is just not sustainable any longer.

If recycling is not helping to save our planet, perhaps our behaviour can. In the world of cleaning, PPG can.

Look not to recycle, but to reuse. What if instead of buying a new bottle and diligently recycling it, we could just buy our cleaning product in powder form, dilute with water at home and reuse our own spray bottles? In general, 90% of any cleaning product is water.

Large trucks are used to transport from factories to shops and the like. The difference in weight of a sachet of powder vs a 1 litre bottle of cleaning liquid is incomparable. Evie Blue® by PPG cuts costs of transport, alongside space on shelves and helps to reduce carbon footprints by way if promoting the idea of re using not just recycling.

So how do you set about changing habits in the world of cleaning? By looking at the problem and hoping somebody joins you in being part of the solution. Get in touch today to find out more!

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