Single Use Plastics - Time To Change!

At Purevo we really care about the environment and thats why we're bringing the innovative PPG Evie Blue product range to the UK market. It is not acceptable that any responsible business continues to sell single use plastic bottles. These bottles are everywhere and we must make a change as soon as possible before its too late! Whilst drinks bottles are the first to be questioned we feel it's only right that all responsible businesses and manufacturers look at their supply chain and try to make a difference. The legislation and regulation will reach them at some point so why not be ahead of the curve and so things right now?

At Purevo we have the solution for any existing cleaning product, we can simply offer one of the standard range of PPG Evie Blue cleaning products or utilising our R&D department anything can be formulated for our partners. Get in touch today and start to make that difference, let's get rid of single use plastics.



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